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Rolls-Royce ushers in new architecture for future models

January 6, 2016

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British automaker Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has begun testing on new aluminum space-frame architecture that will be implemented in models as soon as 2018.

In February 2015, the automaker announced the development of the aluminum space-frame, which will underpin all future models made by Rolls-Royce. Updating structural architecture keeps an automaker up-to-date in terms of design as well as safety requirements.

A better ride
By testing the new aluminum space-frame and sharing the news with enthusiasts, Rolls-Royce will be able to show its owners and fans that the new architecture will not compromise the auto brand’s designs.

Current testing of the aluminum space-frame is being done to ensure that the structure delivers and upkeeps Rolls-Royce’s “magic-carpet ride” trademark no matter the surface or weather conditions.

The testing is in the first stage of a development program that will result in a new generation of Rolls-Royce models. These models are set to become available beginning early in 2018.

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Rolls-Royce announces future engineering developments

“Since 2003 and the commissioning of the new home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has reset the benchmark for luxury motoring,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, in a statement.

“Now it is time to take the next step in the luxury journey. This is why I am announcing today that on-road testing of our all-new proprietary architecture is beginning,” he said. “This new architecture of pure luxury represents considerable investment in the future of our great brand.”

Rolls-Royce has also updated its marketing approach to appeal to a younger consumer base.

In September 2015, Rolls-Royce rolled into the next generation with its all-new Dawn convertible model.

For the first time, the BMW-owned brand unveiled a new model online, eschewing the traditional car show and other regular festivities. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show but streamed online, the Dawn Rolls-Royce convertible targets a younger, active audience (see story).