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Luxury resorts top travel destination for private jet owners

April 21, 2016

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The interests of private plane owners may surprise those in the travel industry, as they extend beyond the expected affluent desires.

Luxury travel e-newsletter DG Amazing Experiences surveyed 200 private jet owners, asking them the question, “What type of travel/travel experiences are you most interested in?” The responses included everything from wellness and spa getaways to hunting and fishing trips, showing the varied inclinations of these affluent travelers.

Taking a poll
About 21,000 private jets exist worldwide. Previous research from DG Amazing Experiences found that readers spend an average of $500,000 on travel annually.

While luxury resorts were mentioned by the most consumers at 53 percent of respondents, small luxury hotels with under 50 rooms came in second. Luxury villa rentals and luxury train trips round out the top four.

For those who want to explore, safaris, ocean and river cruises were ranked seventh, eighth and ninth.


Fairmont Mara Safari Club

At the bottom of the list is taking over an entire hotel. About one in five showed interest in reading about the ability to have a property to themselves.

“This shows ultra-high net worth consumers have very broad interests beyond the stereotypes of champagne and caviar,” said Doug Gollan, founder and editor in chief of DG Amazing Experiences.

DG Amazing Experiences, launched in 2015, caters exclusively to jet owners, offering a new angle on travel writing and presenting brands with efficient advertising opportunities.

The weekly newsletter provides news on hotels, resorts and travel experiences to private jet owners and their pilots. Because the audience for the newsletter is limited to UHNW individuals, it will be a useful advertising platform for all brands offering high-end products and experiences (see story).