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Chandon to host its squad at invite-only fete in New York

June 14, 2016

Chandon American Summer limited-edition bottle for 2016 Chandon American Summer limited-edition bottle for 2016


LVMH-owned Domaine Chandon is cultivating the guest list for its inaugural American Summer Fete in New York from its Instagram community.

Chandon is planning a summer get together for sparkling wine enthusiasts on June 25 at an undisclosed location. Champagne and sparkling wine brands often tout lifestyle through event programming that highlights how its spirits can be enjoyed beyond the traditionally associated occasions.

Poppin’ bottles at a picnic
Chandon announced that it was having a party on its Instagram account.

An image shows two Chandon bottles, one Brut and the other rosé, next to gold star garland and a pair of mirrored Wayfarer-styled sunglasses. Underneath, text reads, “We’re having a party and you’re invited!” with the latter part of the sentence flashing in red, white and blue.

The image caption explains that event further, telling consumers interested in attending the event to follow the link provided in Chandon’s bio for additional information. The caption also provides followers with an access code needed to view the event details and RSVP.

Once the code is entered, the consumer is brought to the event page where Chandon explains that the party is in “celebration of [its] French heritage and American spirit.”

The exact location of the event is only provided if the consumer RSVPed with her name, email and birthdate showing she is over the age of 21. Chandon will then respond with a confirmation message that reveals the party location.

On the event page Chandon does not give much information away, but does say it is an outdoor event, and will be a “good old-fashioned summer picnic” telling consumers to “Think: A midsummer night’s dream, mixed with happy California vibes and wink of Parisian chic.”

chandon.summer 2016 bottles

Chandon's American Summer limited-edition bottles for summer 2016

The event will include games, American and French foods, prizes, a DJ set by Jilly Hendrix and a surprise musical guest.

Brands in the Champagne and sparkling wine sector often look to leverage party planning as a way to engage with consumers outside of traditions such as a New Year’s Eve toast or Valentine’s Day dinner date.

For example, Champagne-maker Veuve Clicquot extended the audience of its Polo Classic across the United States through a partnership with New York Magazine’s The Cut.

In a sponsored post on the lifestyle site, the beverage brand told consumers how to host the perfect viewing party at their homes, with ideas for Washington, New York, Chicago and Dallas. The June 4 event at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ was streamed live, allowing fans to tune in regardless of their location (see story).