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The Plaza practices modern etiquette in new educational program

October 19, 2016

The Plaza Hotel Finishing School. Illustration by Meghan Hess The Plaza Hotel Finishing School. Illustration by Meghan Hess


New York’s Fairmont-managed The Plaza Hotel is planning to educate millennials on manners and proper etiquette for the modern age.

For “The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program,” the hotel has partnered with Beaumont Etiquette to create classes on the proper behavior for specific social circumstances. Societal norms and practices have changed vastly since traditional etiquette schools were in fashion, but rejuvenating the concept for modern consumers may bring interested individuals to The Plaza.

Plaza politeness
The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program is penned as “an international finishing program for adults in the United States.”

The Plaza’s program includes both nighttime single topic sessions as well as weekend getaway courses.

Beginning in January 2017, $75 single topic sessions will take place in The Plaza’s Palm Court. Topics are geared toward millennial men and women with sessions on business and networking etiquette, dating, with a concentration on app how-tos, proper dining etiquette, engagement and wedding etiquette and social graces.

Each class will be capped to 20 students and includes cocktails.

the plaza hotel new york

The Plaza Hotel New York

Weekend-long courses start at $2,750, and do not include hotel accommodation. This version of the program will be geared toward young professionals and international students looking for a crash-course in western manners and etiquette.

The weekend, with dates in February, March and April, will see guest speakers and programs with heritage brand partners. The courses are limited to 12 students, and all participants must be 18 years or older.

Across the pond, Condé Nast’s Tatler is embracing its British culture and traditional manners through a joint venture with the Debrett’s Academy for etiquette.

Together with Tatler, Debrett’s will expand the reach of its practices through the The Debrett’s and Tatler School of Etiquette, the first co-branded partnership for the etiquette expert. Launched last September, the school is geared toward consumers of all ages, ranging from students to older individuals with an interest in broadening their knowledge of British traditions (see story).