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Versace takes to the streets to show All Love Is Love

February 14, 2017

Photo by @Kat_in_nyc for Versace's All Love Is Love Photo by @Kat_in_nyc for Versace's All Love Is Love


Italian fashion house Versace has designed a customizable statement bracelet to celebrate the many forms of love this Valentine’s Day.

Released as a limited-edition for the holiday, Versace’s “All Love Is Love” bracelet is being promoted through a 45-second video posted to YouTube and a shorter clip on the brand’s Instagram. Increasingly, Valentine’s Day marketing efforts have embraced the broad definition of love in contemporary campaigns to speak to consumers regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation.

All you need is love
Sold for $225, Versace’s All Love Is Love is a braided leather bracelet in red. The bracelet comes with a Versace logo tag and the brand’s Medusa head charm.

Versace also offers two additional charms to customize the bracelet. These include crystal pendants or a red and gold heart charm sold for $125 each.

versace.all love is love bracelet

Limited-edition All Love Is Love bracelet

As of press time, the limited-edition bracelet has sold out.

The longer All Love is Love video posted to YouTube has a “man on the street” vibe, and shows people answering what they feel love is. All of the featured consumers wear the bracelet as they respond that love is happiness, wonderful, sexy and strength, with many speaking the brand’s All Love is Love phrase.

Versace All Love Is Love

In the shorter Instagram version, Versace filmed a number of couples, same-sex and hetero relationships, wearing the All Love Is Love bracelets and saying the phrase aloud. Versace's Instagram short was filmed by New York-based Kat Irlin of @Kat_in_nyc, a photographer with 1 million followers.

While many Valentine’s Day campaigns have become inclusive of LGBT relationships, there has also been a rise in friendship efforts.

French fashion label Nina Ricci, for example, catered its Valentine’s Day campaign to those who would rather celebrate with friends to build upon its Nina & Luna fragrance effort.

To celebrate the growing idea of single being chic for Valentine’s Day, the label’s latest fragrance Luna is being promoted through campaigns that tie it together with its long-standing scent Nina. The campaign celebrates best friends by sharing a wide variety of content online that involves Instagram takeovers, emojis, social contests and GIFs (see story).