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Dior evokes its Norman origins in Granville museum exhibit

April 11, 2017

Christian Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy, France


French atelier Christian Dior is recounting the influence of its founding designer’s childhood home in Granville, Normandy, France in a new museum exhibition.

“Christian Dior and Granville: The Source of a Legend” opened at the Christian Dior Museum in Granville on April 8 and will be featured at the museum until Sept. 24. The exhibition is part of the brand’s ongoing 70th anniversary celebrations.

Norman roots
Mr. Dior spent his childhood at the Les Rhumbs villa in Granville and spent holidays there as an adult. Today, Les Rhumbs houses the Christian Dior Museum.

The Christian Dior and Granville: The Source of a Legend exhibit will give fans of the brand an overview of the fundamental role the area played on Mr. Dior and his designs.

In his memoir, the designer wrote in reference to his family home, “My life, my style, [I] owe almost everything to its situation and its architecture.”

Museum poster for Christian Dior and Granville: The Source of a Legend

Throughout his career Mr. Dior channeled Les Rhumbs’ decor and gardens for his designs.

For example, the gardens still serve as inspiration for Dior Parfums (see story) and are often featured in its marketing efforts to evoke a sense of place for the brand (see story).

Christian Dior and Granville: The Source of a Legend brings to light Mr. Dior’s appreciation of his Norman roots as well as historical and stylistic touch points.

Items on display include haute couture dresses designed by Mr. Dior in 1947 and pieces by successive artistic directors who continue to pay homage to the memory of Dior’s late founder. Portraits, photographs and personal items from the Dior family will also be on view.

Ground floor rooms of Les Rhumbs are dedicated to themes that inspired Mr. Dior such as the Japanese decor found in the villa entry hall, the rococo decor of the drawing rooms and the colors and scents of its gardens.