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Aston Martin creates beauty with restaurant-showroom combination

September 7, 2017

Aston Martin's House of Beauty in Frankurt


British automaker Aston Martin is harnessing enthusiasm for the auto industry into a cultural experience during an upcoming auto show in Frankfurt.

The House of Beautiful is Aston Martin’s artful look at the auto world in which it transformed the Deutsche Bank building into an exhibit during the International Motor Show. Aston Martin has also commissioned unique culinary experience Pret-à-Diner to come to Frankfurt.

"Aston Martin is the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship in the automotive industry," Taylor Rains, managing partner at Flugel Consulting. "By aligning with a cultural and culinary event like Pret-à-Diner, the brand is expanding its reach among an extremely viable audience.

"Industry events like IAA can prove to be a challenge for participating brands, because they are stacked directly against others in their class and must compete for time and attention from guests," he said. "By offering a unique experience external to the event itself, Aston Martin helps promote visibility and interaction in a controlled environment where it stands alone."

Pop-up dining
Running from Sept. 8 to Oct. 13, Aston Martin’s House of Beautiful will feature various iconic models from the brand in an artful manner. The automaker is claiming the venue will be “where motor enthusiasts meet automobile art.”

Pret-à-Diner is a huge draw to the House of Beautiful. The culinary pop-up experience is created by Kofler & Company and has no permanent address.

The restaurant is always on the move and combines special culinary encounters with cultural experiences. This time the restaurant will double as a showroom for iconic Aston Martin models.

Aston Martin will be showcasing its Valkyrie hypercar and the all-new Vanquish Zagato Volante.

Aston Martin's Valkyrie hypercar

Aston Martin has redesigned the iconic Deutsche Bank Building in Frankfurt for the exhibition. The limited-time experience will feature multicultural food as well as live entertainment, DJs, bands as well as a bar.

Visitors must reserve a ticket for 69 euros, or $82 at current exchange, before entering, but the bar is open to the public. Each restaurant participating in Pret-à-Diner will provide their own signature cocktail that customers can order from the bar.

Pret-à-Diner is comprised of four startups in the culinary industry, supported through Kofler & Company’s “White Rabbit Fund.” Guests can enjoy traditional dishes from China, India, Hawaii and Italy.

For instance, "Prawns Neen Moilee" and "Mishti doi" will be a few of the dishes available.

One ticket provides customers with a five-course meal. Art Director Jihane Kofler is organizing the performances.

Aston Martin teases its House of Beautiful

Aston Martin marketing
Aston Martin is often looking to art and media to create special experiences similar to its House of Beauty.

For instance, the British automaker invaded Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA with an event series that took a casual approach to building awareness.

The automaker’s Aston Martin Club 1913 staged events at the Sunset Center Carmel daily Aug. 16-19. Events are often the best way for luxury brands to interact with discerning consumers, as a memory of time well spent is better than a material product (see more).

Also, media conglomerate Condé Nast Britain invested further into branded content with the opening of a dedicated division, and Aston Martin was the first up on Stories' plate.

The new division is devoted to working with brand partners to create branded content in a number of mediums and across Condé Nast’s large stable of publications. The Aston Martin campaign, “The Beauty of Design,” will debut on Condé Nast-owned GQ and British Vogue's digital channels (see more).

"Aston Martin has long-since focused on the development of an overall lifestyle associated with its brand and product," Mr. Rains said. "Partnering with an event like Pret-à-Diner that showcases art and culture helps to continue and further develop that brand narrative.

"Aston Martin is not simply about the car. It's the lifestyle," he said. "And Pret a Diner is the perfect way to showcase that lifestyle."