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Affluent travelers look for new destinations in the coming year: report

November 13, 2017

Consumers are more interested in authentic local expeirences when traveling. Image credit: Moncler


According to a new report from Virtuoso, cold destinations are set to be the top choice for affluent travelers in the upcoming year.

Iceland, Alaska, Antarctica and the Artic are some of the top destinations travelers are looking to for trips in 2018. Consumers are searching for adventure in their travels, and the Northern Lights are significant part of that.

Travel trends
Consumers who are interested in adventure are looking to Antarctica and the Artic, while those who like cruises are interested in Alaska.

Family trips are also becoming more prevalent, spanning multiple generations, which will continue into the next year.

South Africa is also topping the list as a destination of interest with luxury travelers, as it provides a variety of ethically diverse locations. Safaris in Africa are also really popular, attracting affluent travelers who are interested in sustainability.

Safaris are becoming more popular

Consumers are also more interested in experiencing the real culture of the destinations they visit instead of just a typical tourist experience.

Croatia, Japan, Cuba and Portugal also make the top of the list for next year’s most merging destinations.

New York, Maui, Miami, Las Vegas and Napa are the top destinations in the United States.

Millennials are most interested in Thailand, Italy, Iceland, Costa Rica, Australia and South Africa. For families, Italy Mexico, Orlando, Hawaii and Costa Rica top the list.

Honeymooners are traveling to Italy, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Maldives and Bali in the next year.

Porto Rafael, Italy

Amongst family trips and adventure, river cruises, food and wine travel and trips for a celebration are the top trends coming into the next year in regards to travel.

Additional insight
Africa is gaining importance in the luxury travel industry as a top destination, with many high-end hospitality brands expanding into the area.

With hotel conglomerates as well as luxury travel brands entering into Africa with bullish strategies, the area is poised to become a significant travel spot. The growth of these brands in this area is a reflection of a jump in tourism (see more).

Findings from the L.E.K. Consulting Survey show that luxury travel is becoming more popular than ever, with mass consumers adding luxury elements to their trips in an ongoing search for unique experiences.

The meaning of luxury in travel is changing dramatically now that consumers are more interested in experiences over pampering. There is a much broader range of what travelers are spending on while away (see more).