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Gucci to wardrobe Elton John for farewell tour

January 25, 2018

Gucci is dressing Elton John for his final tour. Image courtesy of Gucci, photo by David LaChapelle


Italian fashion label Gucci is the exclusive designer of music superstar Elton John’s final world tour outfits.

The recording artist’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour will kick off in September and travel the globe for the next three years. Through this partnership, Gucci will have prime placement as the musician says goodbye to his fans.

Saying goodbye with Gucci
Elton John announced his tour via a YouTube VR 180 live-stream. During the broadcast from New York’s Gotham Hall, he wore a bespoke outfit made by Gucci.

Elton John wore a bespoke Gucci outfit to announce his tour. Image courtesy of Elton John, photo by Matt Baron

“I’ve always had great people making me great clothes throughout my career…Two years ago I discovered a man called Alessandro Michele who became the head designer of Gucci, and I loved what he was doing,” said Elton John during the announcement. “It reminded me of Gianni Versace in the past and it was humorous and it was fun and it was beautifully made, the quality was there, and it was just so fantastic. And we became friends.”

Elton John also noted that Gucci gets his “spirit,” thanking the brand for their partnership.

Gucci's spring/summer 2018 collection paid homage to the singer, basing looks off archival outfits worn by Elton John.

A dad to two young children, Elton John is saying goodbye to touring after a half century so he can spend more time with his family.

Other luxury labels have struck up relationships with stars, putting their designs on stage in front of crowds.

As Adele embarks on her tour to promote her record-breaking album “25,” the British singer will be wearing exclusively Burberry ensembles.

Burberry chief creative and CEO Christopher Bailey designed a custom hand-embroidered gown in black silk for the artist, who wore the creation on the opening night of her tour on Feb. 29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With all of the tour dates across Europe and North America sold out, Burberry’s outfits will be seen by legions of fans (see story).