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Gucci marches for gun control after Florida massacre

February 26, 2018

Gucci looks to support gun control with its donation. Image credit: Gucci.


Italian label Gucci is joining the millions of consumers in the United States in the fight for gun control as the polarizing subject reignites.

After the traumatizing school shooting in Florida, brands and consumers are banding together to fight for more gun control in the United States, while others are opposed. Gucci is joining the cause to support restraints on firearms with a $500,000 donation to the March for Our Lives rally, as per Women's Wear Daily.

“We stand with March for Our Lives and the fearless students across the country who demand that their lives and safety become a priority,” Gucci said in a statement to WWD. “We have all been directly or indirectly impacted by these senseless tragedies.”

Joining the fight
On Feb. 14, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was the location for the latest school shooting in the U.S. in which 17 individuals were tragically killed by a lone gunman.

Survivors and students of the school have organized a rally in Washington to bring awareness to gun control and fight to stop anything like this from happening again.

The rally, set for March 24, is projected to have 500,000 individuals in attendance.

Gucci has stated that the resilience and courage of these students has moved the brand to share its donation.

“I am truly moved by the courage of these students,” said Alessandro Michele, creative director at Guicci in a statement to WWD. “My love is with them and it will be next to them on March 24. I am standing with March for Our Lives and the strong young women and men across the United States who are fighting for their generation and those to come.”

Gucci takes a protest stance with its prefall campaign. Image credit: Gucci.

Gucci is often looking to causes it can get behind to show its brand ethos and make a difference.

The brand's pre-fall collection followed the footsteps of protests from earlier years, with imagery inspired by these causes.

For instance, in a climate where sexual misconduct dominates the headlines, Gucci partnered with Artsy to put a spotlight on gender equality in the art world and artists of inspiration.

In a series of three films, the two brands hoped to show the trials, tribulations and moments of importance in the past, present and future of gender equality in the art world. Important artists discuss these issues and the differences between men and women in the art industry (see more).