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L’Officiel spotlights important causes from partners

February 7, 2019

Cover of L'Officiel. Image courtesy: Jalou Media Group


High-fashion magazine L'Officiel is establishing a new program to foster growth within the nonprofit sector of its brand partners.

The publication is launching a global corporate social responsibility program to support initiatives from brand partners, including $60 million of free media. In addition, L’Officiel is launching a digital hub solely focused on cause-related content.

Make a difference
L’Officiel’s cause-focused hub will feature articles, videos and digital ads, all focused on highlighting special initiatives hoping to make a difference.

Starting off this new initiative, the pub is encouraging all influencers, brands and social users to share content about causes that are important to them, for what it is calling a global day of Sharing.

On Feb. 14, L’Officiel is urging users to share content with the hashtag #SharingChallenge in an effort to spotlight various important issues, in addition to its hub and funding.

"As we began to consider our own CSR initiatives as a company, we quickly realized that our biggest and most valuable gift was our global media network of more than 20 million people around the world and the exposure that could afford so many organizations doing great work on issues like the environment, poverty and equality," said Benjamin Eymere, CEO of L'Officiel, in a statement. "The ability to give is the ultimate luxury, and L'Officiel, along with our luxury brand partners and our audience, are fortunate to be in a position to give back.

Instagram post from L'Officiel

“By sharing our media network and community reach with these causes and organizations, we will help them raise awareness so they have the resources they need to do the good work they set out to do."

As larger conglomerates continue to feel pressure from the rise of smaller groups, high-fashion magazine L'Officiel is setting out to grow and innovate in the industry it covers by nourishing emerging brands.

Leading luxury goods groups such as LVMH and Kering have been known to control the much of the fashion industry, but recent acquisitions and buyouts by smaller companies, such as Tapestry and Capri Holdings, are starting to compete with the larger conglomerates. L’Officiel is partnering with investment group GEM to form a fund that will offer more competition for these conglomerates from smaller brands (see story).