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Chaumet exhibit charts literary history

February 22, 2019

Chaumet is exploring its history with authors. Image credit: Chaumet


French jeweler Chaumet is delving into its storied past with an exhibit centered on its relationships with writers.

Opened Feb. 22, Brillantes Écritures showcases the brand’s literary clients, including Honoré de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas, Colette and Edith Wharton. Chaumet often points to its place in culture, whether highlighting its history with the French royal family or partnering with current artists.

Writing history
Chaumet is staging its exhibit at its temporary cultural space at 165 Boulevard Saint Germain, which will hold a other exhibits in the future.

On view will be literary works, archival jewelry, drawings and photographs. The house has had a relationship with many authors over its almost 240 years.

Consumers are able to reserve a 45-minute visit to the free exhibit, which is up until April 1.

Chaumet's exhibit is being staged at its temporary cultural center. Image credit: Chaumet

The brand has often looked to its extensive history to engage consumers.

For instance, Chaumet’s Musée Ephémère tackled the subject of the human heart and emotions in a pop-up exhibit.

“Une Éducation Sentimentale” took consumers on a tour of some of the pieces throughout the house’s history created for sentimental purposes, including gifts given at birth, engagement rings and anniversary presents. This celebrates the intimate role Chaumet has been invited to play in its clients’ lives throughout its history (see story).

The LVMH-owned jeweler has also turned towards literature to delve into its history of parties, photography and art.

Published by Assouline, the slipcase set of three volumes is penned by three different authors, who explore the more than 200-year-old house through a particular lens. Despite consumers' growing consumption of digital content and brands' increased attention toward producing it, print still holds a valuable place in celebrating brand heritage (see story).