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Bentley’s Power on Ice excursion features husky sleds, new Flying Spur

October 30, 2013


Bentley Motors is building upon its 2014 Power on Ice events in Finland with a longer lineup of cars, circuits designed by four-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen and options for designing a bespoke trip.

Power on Ice 2014 will allow brand enthusiasts to hone their driving skills with Bentley's team of instructors over four days while enjoying a stay in Northern Finland. Also, the new Flying Spur sedan will make its debut at on Mr. Kankkunen's circuits, where its ability to withstand harsh conditions will be tested.

"Power on Ice provides our guests with a great driving experience and luxury winter break and also allows them to develop new skills when it comes to driving their car in difficult conditions," said Richard Durbin, news and heritage communications manager at Bentley.

"It is primarily an exclusive event for current customers but the experience does generate new enquiries," he said.

Might as well be gravel

Power on Ice revolves around fans and prospective consumers driving on Northern Finland's frozen lakes to refine driving skills in extreme conditions. An ability to maneuver with authority on ice is a sound testament to a vehicle's all-wheel drive.

This year, participants can learn from Mr. Kankkunen, an honorary Bentley Boy who has twice broken the world ice speed driving record while driving a Bentley.

Mr. Kankkunen standing next to a Flying Spur

The driving courses are designed to fit the skills and aspirations on each individual.

Guests are encouraged to stay in the Ruka Peak resort during their trip. However, Bentley promises to do its best to tailor a guest's trip exactly how he or she wants.

Some slated activities included a night-time husky sled safari, a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, snowmobiling and dinner at a historic reindeer farm.

Husky sled

The brand's Web site offers driving with Mr. Kankkunen, a helicopter trip or even a visit to the Bentley Factory in England as additional suggestions.

More information can be found at

"The event allows a high-end destination to be tied to a high end brand," said Lauren Fix, automotive expert and author of “Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car," Lancaster, NY.

"A lot of people think Bentleys are summer or LA cars, but, in reality, they have capabilities to be year-round vehicles," she said.

"Power on Ice has to do with culture, class, style, exclusivity, so I think it will open the brand up to new consumers."

New connections

Bentley has enacted several initiatives recently to expand its reach.

For instance, British automaker Bentley Motors is refining the campaign scope for its new Continental model by sponsoring Harper’s Bazaar’s Bazaar Art supplement that goes behind-the-scenes of the campaign’s production.

The collaboration entailed a Bazaar Art party that featured Bentley products and an in-depth look at how Bentley created its latest advertising campaign. Since publications play such an integral role in spreading brand awareness, collaborations that promote mutual-awareness foster a tight-knit environment (see story).

Also, the Bentley Home collection is designed to further cultivate the automaker’s lifestyle image and showcase its commitment to craftsmanship.

The furniture collection draws inspiration from Bentley’s models and includes sofas, chairs, cabinets and several other items. Brand enthusiasts will likely be eager to deck out their offices and homes, but this collection may also elicit interest from a broader audience since all of the pieces are made by Italian furniture company Club House Italia (see story).

As with Power on Ice, these events help to place Bentley vehicles in a larger context.

"You can’t just show a car," Ms. Fix said. "You have to show a destination so consumers can picture the car in their minds."

Final take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York