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Four Seasons Dublin champions national artists via Sculpture in Context

October 30, 2013


Four Seasons Hotel Dublin is tapping into Ireland's artistic culture by hosting a "Sculpture in Context" event beginning Nov. 5 that will likely pique the interest of art enthusiasts.

The national exhibition will feature 35 pieces of art that will range in price from $200 to $40,000 from figures such as Limerick figurative artist Mike Duhan. Hosting Sculpture in Context demonstrates that the property is invested in the local and national culture, a move that further authenticates its offers.

"Our guests at Four Seasons Hotel Dublin are extremely interested in everything that has to do with Irish art," said Robert Nolan, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel Dublin.

Emerging and established

Sculpture in Context strives to spread awareness for living Irish artists. Guests at Four Seasons Dublin will be able to view the 35 pieces in the property's courtyard and within the hotel.

The diversity of exhibition's style vouches for Ireland's rich artistic scene. Ms. Newman-Maguire's "Mother Earth Dancing" won the most popular sculpture award as voted by public.

Fionnuala Hanahoe's acrylic "Polygons" is an exuberant sphere studded with red, blue and yellow shapes.

"Polygons" by Ms. Hanahoe

Petr Holecek's bronze "Is that Me?" depicts a trepid and lanky dog peering at its shadow and was awarded the Mill Cove Galleries Award in 2010.

Mr. Holecek's "Is that Me?"

Brigitta Seck employs plastic tubing, metal rods and liquid to create "Heaven's Tent," a fanciful cage that houses a figure.

Ms. Seck's "Heaven's Tent"

Sculpture in Context's actual integration into natural settings is enhanced by the strain of nature-manipulations that runs through the exhibition.

Jackie Ball's "Clipart"

Sculpture in Context celebrated its 25th anniversary at the National Botanic Gardens where more than 120 sculptures were arranged in gardens, ponds, the Great Palm House, and Curvilinear Range, with the smaller works exhibited in the gallery above the visitors’ center. The initiative's effort to sell the pieces underlines the struggles faced by modern artists.

Hotels of Medici

Other luxury hotels have championed art to appeal to consumers with an affinity for culture.

For instance, Baglioni Hotels’ Regina Baglioni, Rome escalated the exclusive aura of its Roman Penthouse Suite by featuring 26 pieces from nine young and established contemporary artists.

The “Luxury is not a Waste” exhibit contains pieces crafted in Italy and aims to lure in guests who are art aficionados. The exhibition’s wide range of artists and emphasis on Italian art may attract guests who hunt for exclusive experiences (see story).

Also, New York’s Gramercy Park Hotel unveiled a “GLAAD You’re Here” package that brings guests on a champagne tour of its art collection and other romantic amenities. During the art tour, guests can view pieces by pop artist Andy Warhol, Young British Artists’s Damien Hirst and neo-expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The collection features contemporary art and is consistently refreshed with new pieces (see story).

Unlike tours that skim over a particular region, staging an art display immerses a guest in an area's culture.

"They have been most curious this past week with many approaching our colleagues at our concierge desk to request further information about the exhibition," he said.

Final take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York