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Maserati comes home for centennial gathering

September 19, 2014

Instagram image from Maserati centennial event at Circuito del Lago Instagram image from Maserati centennial event at Circuito del Lago


Italian automaker Maserati is furthering its centennial celebration by traveling to historic landmarks in the brand’s history.

From Sept. 18-20, consumers can follow the brand on social media and through a dedicated microsite to see where the festivities are going next. Hosting a physical event with digital extension will help Maserati involve both locals and a larger fan base in the milestone.

On “Day 0” on Sept. 17, Maserati held a prologue event in Bologna, for which a group of Maserati owners gathered to see the place where it all began, in a workshop on Via de’ Pepoli. In the same town, registered participants could have a photo-op with their car next to the statue that inspired the trident logo for the brand.

Maserati Bologna

Maserati in Bologna with statue of Neptune

Sept. 18 was the official kick off to the event, which brought 200 Maserati owners and their vehicles together in Modena, where the automaker’s factory is now. This is the same complex where Maserati has been located since 1939.

Maserati Modena

Maseratis in Piazza Grande

Maserati recapped the event with a two-minute social video that takes the viewer on a tour of the vintage and modern vehicles lined up on a city street for a branded car show, and then follows the lineup as it drives out on a road. At the end of the video, consumers are prompted to go to the "Maserati100" microsite.

#Maserati100 Gathering – Day 1: Modena

Continuing with its racing heritage, the group will next drive to Turin with a stopover at the San Martino del Lago racetrack, where practices and regular competitions are held.

On the final day, Sept. 20, the cars will be divided into 10 classes based on year and type, will be on display at the Concours d’Elegance.

Before this event, Maserati built social media support for a transnational tour as it approaches its Centennial gathering.

The third part of the tour followed a Maserati fleet through Russia as it headed to Modena in Northern Italy. Fans were invited to stay tuned and contribute to the swelling social media energy with the hashtag #RoadToModena (see story).