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Aston Martin invites consumers to production line

November 11, 2014

Aston Martin Aston Martin


British automaker Aston Martin is hosting “Dine on the Line” again to offer fans a chance to witness the production process of Aston Martin vehicles.

The December event will be holiday-themed and give guests the opportunity to see the factory line. This event will show Aston Martin’s detailed process to manufacturing and offer consumers insight to the automaker’s behind-the-scenes.

Shiny and new

Often brands create backstage passes in the form of social videos or branded articles. However, Aston Martin will give a first hand backstage pass when it sends consumers to the Gaydon factory for a Christmas celebration.

Guests will start their evening with a drink and a factory tour. Guests have the option of a three course lunch or afternoon tea, both with wine and Champagne, as they observe the production line.

Aston Martin

Down on the Line

From Dec. 1-4, consumers will have the option to attend the lunch or tea on the line.

Aston Martin has recently engaged consumers in the United Kingdom with other activities.

For instance, Aston Martin brought its latest designs around the United Kingdom on the “Ultimate Evolution Tour.”

Aston Martin drove around the country hosting events at various dealers to showcase its new additions and the brand has created a hashtag for fans to snap photos of the tour’s trucks and post them to Instagram and Twitter. This digital and physical tour raised awareness of the new vehicles in Aston Martin’s line-up and highlighted the innovation of the brand in 2014 (see story).