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PETA urges LVMH to halt exotic-skin manufacturing citing animal cruelty

December 23, 2016

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has released a film exposé on the unethical practices of Vietnamese crocodile farms in which LVMH is named as a patron.

In its video PETA investigates a number of crocodile farms in Vietnam with two stating they supply skins to a tannery owned by LVMH, the parent of brands such as its flagship Louis Vuitton, Dior and many others. PETA often singles out high-end, luxury brands for their use of animal skins such as crocodile, python and ostrich leathers.

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During its investigation, PETA found crocodiles lying motionless in small, concrete cells. Many of the cells were too small for the animals’ bodies. The farms kept the crocodiles in the cells for 15 months prior to being slaughtered.

At another farm, crocodiles were jammed by the dozen in barren pits and at other the reptiles were cruelly killed by ramming metal rods down their spines. PETA also filmed a crocodile still moving after it had been skinned.

The animal rights group's film can be viewed here.

Due to the unethical practices seen at these farms, PETA is calling on Vietnamese law enforcement to investigate for violations of the country’s Law on Animal Health.

PETA is urging LVMH to stop manufacturing and selling exotic-skin products.

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“Whether it’s Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada or any other brand, a crocodile-skin bag means a living, feeling being experienced a miserable life and a ghastly death,” says Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA in a statement. “PETA is calling on everyone not to buy exotic skins to prevent reptiles from being imprisoned, mutilated and skinned alive.”

Responding to PETA's report, LVMH issued a statement, saying, "The information that PETA has sent out about the LVMH group's relations with crocodile farms in Vietnam is incorrect. The LVMH group and its suppliers ceased all trading in 2014 with the farms named by PETA.

"The practices described by PETA are in total contradiction to the principles and rules of the LVMH group. PETA was informed of all these elements before broadcasting its video."

PETA has also singled out Italy’s Prada and France’s Hermès for the unethical treatment of ostriches.

Ostrich leather, an exotic skin known for its polka dot pattern where the bird’s feathers once grew, is commonly used by leather goods brands. PETA’s latest investigative report, posted to YouTube, shows the mistreatment of ostriches for the benefit of luxury brands (see story).