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Swarovski teams with SCAD Hong Kong to support emerging designers

November 8, 2018

Designer Dylan Helyer is among the SCAD students using Swarovski crystals. Image courtesy of Swarovski


Precision-cut crystal maker Swarovski is furthering its focus on promoting fashion talent through a partnership with the Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong.

Swarovski gave five SCAD graduates crystals to use in their final collections. This is the latest in Swarovski’s design partnerships, which has seen the brand collaborate with both established and emerging creatives to put its elements on the runway.

Swarovski and SCAD
This is the second year that Swarovski is giving SCAD students crystals for their creations.

Taking an approach that integrated sustainability, both new and upcycled crystals were used in the project. Students used biodegradable merino wool for 60 percent of their textiles, and they sourced trimmings from vintage fashion.

"Understanding that preserving water has always been central to Swarovski's core values is crucial,” said student Dylan Helyer in a statement. “'Dream State' utilized Swarovski back to stock which avoided further energy consumption and material usage."

This reflects Swarovski’s own focus on sustainability.

The brand is preserving its mission to social justice by focusing on the Fair trade movement and conscious jewelry for Baselworld, a major stage for the movement for its higher end line.

Throughout recent history, the jewelry and diamond industry has been exposed as a humanitarian nightmare, with horrific working conditions for laborers in third world countries. Swarovski, understanding the importance of combatting these issues, has taken a stance with a new collection for its Atelier Swarovski line, incorporating Fairtrade Gold and its own created diamonds into its creations (see story).

The SCAD graduate show will take place in January.

SCAD showcase in Hong Kong in 2017. Image courtesy of SCAD

“I was thrilled to include Swarovski crystals into my final collection, as Swarovski is a brand that truly believes in and supports emerging talent in the industry,” said Maria Nava, one of the students that used Swarovski crystals in her collection, in a statement. “The crystals are of the highest quality, which enabled me to elevate my garments and truly express my style aesthetic."

A tome recently released by Condé Nast Britain’s publishing division chronicles the first decade of Atelier Swarovski.

Available at booksellers from Dec. 13, 2017, Brilliant – The story of Atelier Swarovski, is a collaboration between Condé Nast Contract Publishing and Swarovski, who sought a partner to produce a coffee table book telling of its inspiration and collaborations. The book was edited by fashion historian and best-selling author Bronwyn Cosgrave (see story).